About Sunday

Sunday Burquest is Grit Girl

About Sunday

Sunday is Grit Girl. 

Sunday is a wife, mother of four, inspirational speaker, breast cancer survivor and reality tv personality. Diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2012, she endured multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bout with depression. A culmination of difficult life circumstances, led Sunday to the realization she was much stronger than she imagined; she discovered her grit

Taking her new-found strength to the next level, she followed a life-long dream to audition for the Emmy award-winning television series Survivor where she was cast on the show’s 33rd season Millennials vs Gen-X (2016). After surviving the grueling competition, she knew she had taken grit to another level.  Using her 25 years’ experience in a high-level leadership position that included both speaking and mentorship, she took her skills to a new platform as a Keynote Speaker. In her presentation, “Your survival can be summarized in one word: grit”, Sunday draws on personal experiences while she presents a path for the audience to discover their own grit. Her dynamic and engaging talks have listeners on the edge of their seats both laughing and crying, but most importantly inspired with hope. 


Sunday is the author of, “Grit Girl Power to Survive, Inspired by Grace”, walking the reader through her journey to finding grit while providing a path for them to do the same. 


Grit Girl

In 2017 Sunday spent a weekend in solitude dedicated to seeking the Lord for His direction. It was during this time the Girt Girl message became clear. She returned home from three days in isolation with a plan to reach women with a specific message.  Through her personal experiences, Sunday discovered the power of grit and she is passionate about other women doing the same. Her book, “Grit Girl, Power to Survive Inspired by Grace” leads the listener on a journey to discover their grit.  Through events, speaking, books and social media, Sunday is empowering women to find their God-given strength and purpose, giving them the confidence to actively follow His plan for their lives and influence others for Christ.

Sunday considers her greatest accomplishments her over 25-year marriage to her husband Jeff and raising her four children.  She lives in Otsego, Minnesota and loves thrift shopping, decorating and repurposing furniture.