By Sunday Burquest

Grit Girl

Power to Survive Inspired by Grace – $14.99 + tax
In Sunday’s book, she takes the reader on a journey through her toughest challenges. There is something every woman can relate to. This book is so much more than just Sunday’s story, it’s a path to discovering grit and learning to lean on Jesus in the process. Sunday’s authentic approach will draw you in as you realize that Grit isn’t just for her, it’s for you too. Get your signed copy exclusively through Grit Girl for $14.99 + tax. Simply click on the book below to add to cart!

Author and Speaker,

Sunday Burquest

Is Grit Girl. From overcoming some of life’s toughest obstacles, including beating breast cancer, to competing on the reality TV show, Survivor, Sunday Burquest discovered her grit. She is using her story to inspire others through books, live events, Bible studies and online social media platforms. Now, through Grit Girl, Sunday is inspiring women of all generations.

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 Give Yourself Grace

I want to challenge you to think of how YOU feel when you are overwhelmed – if YOU were the FRIEND, what would you say to that person? Could you say the same thing to YOURSELF?

Patience In The Pit

Getting pulled out of the pits looks different for every person. I think it’s important to remember that the primary way God sends help our way is through people.

Dealing with Disappointment

Receiving a phone call telling me I was going to participate in Survivor season 33 was probably the best phone call I’d ever received.

Be Fearless

(Even when you don’t feel like it) Grit Girls are fearless, even when they don’t feel like it! Fear is a big issue for many of us.
Grit Girl is a refreshing approach to understanding Grace.  After surviving an alcoholic father during her formative years, and Breast Cancer during her busiest years – Sunday proves her tenacity to stay the course and be the model of resilience.  Sunday shares her story in a way that will resonate with any woman who has a survivor story… meaning every woman on the planet.  

– Missy Payne, Author – The Invisible 7 Finalist Survivor Season 29

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September 27, 2018

I Am Grit Girl • Minneapolis, MN

This special event is designed for women of all ages and walks of life to come to together as a community of strong females who love God and are determined to discover what it truly means to be a GRIT GIRL. You’ll leave feeling empowered to fulfill your purpose through a power-packed message, refreshments, a book signing, and a special performance from vocalist, Lexy Hill!

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