I would like to personally thank our sponsors who have generously donated their time, items for giveaways and finances to help make our first event amazing. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet them in person, they will have product tables available before and after the event, so please stop by and say hello. I’d like to encourage you to visit their websites and pages and like or follow them on social media, it’s just one small way we can show appreciation for their willingness to be apart of what we are doing!

Each of these women in some way supports other women, which is what we’re all about!

Founder of Rese & Co, Therese Thull, uses her experience of over 2 decades in the skin care and cosmetics industry, her certification in holistic health coaching, and her current training in a UK based organic formulating certification program to develop the Rese & Co. products. She and her husband, Allan, produce all of the products in Maple Grove, MN. Therese’s appetite is for creating luxury organic, nourishing products that care for the largest organ of your body…your skin! You can find Rese & Co. products online, at Mona Williams in the Mall of America, Epitome Papers & Gifts in Excelsior, MN, and coming soon to a pop up in Eden Prairie.

Cyndi Labarr is a woman who’s has overcome huge obstacles in life and yet continues to serve others including using art therapy as a way to reach homeless teens. Being an entrepreneur and creative soul, she is passionate about designing comfortable jewelry with a unique personal style that will last forever and work for all ages.  Not only are her necklaces reversible in order to provide two looks in one, they are up-cycled from natural materials such as leather and there are many options for women with metal allergies as well. Cyndi also provides custom pieces for one-of-a-kind gifts. Cyndi founded The Art of Youth, a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out and nurturing homeless teens by engaging them through art, she will be donating 50% of all proceeds from the event to this amazing outreach.

Gail West made a life-changing statement to the Lord after feeling something was missing in her corporate position, “Whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do it.”  That’s a dangerous prayer because God will answer and most times will take us right out of our comfort zones – that’s exactly what happened to Gail. Even though she wasn’t a trained painter she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was asking to use her in a unique and powerful way. Gail quickly discovered God was using her paintings to speak purpose into the lives of those who would enjoy her work  Soon Gail realized, His plan was even greater than she imagined when she realized she could use her art to support children in Ethiopia. Gail and her husband already sponsored one child but quickly realized her artwork could provide a vehicle to sponsor many more. Having fully dedicated herself to His plan for her paintings, Gail West Studio gives 16% of all sales sponsor children through Hope Enterprise’s which clothes, feeds, and provides schooling for those who desperately need it.

Teri Johnson is the founder of Keeping it Personal. In 2011, She had a vision for creating a space for professional women entrepreneurs and business owners, like herself, who were looking for a place to connect with other like-minded women and “mix things up” — personal + professional + faith!
While she was running her own business, she realized that in most business settings, conferences and networking events, her personal and spiritual life weren’t accounted for. And after talking to many women she knew she wasn’t alone.
She took that vision, embraced the missing piece and created REFINE® to fill the gap! They launched initially in 2012 as a women’s conference, and have grown over the last 4 years, creating a powerful virtual community and monthly gathering networking groups! They are designed to support you as a whole woman on your journey to be a better, wife, mom, friend, entrepreneur, business owner and anything else you want to be!
Beyond this community, She’s a writer, speaker, and sought-after personal growth expert who’s on a mission to support as many women as possible in their journey by keeping it personal. She loves coffee, great conversations, sunsets and she’s deeply devoted to her husband,  two boys, and her relationship with God.

Check out Teri’s book –

 “Overcoming The Nevers

Citylight Foundation was founded by Constance Mzezewa in Harare Zimbabwe as an answer to families ravaged by HIV/AIDS and a declining economy. We are dedicated to empowering others to use their God-given talents and abilities to build a better future.
We are dedicated to encouraging widows whose husbands have died, leaving them with the sole burden of providing for the families. We are also committed to supporting the children who have been orphaned or lost a father due to HIV/AIDS and other plagues stemming from a declining health care system of a devastated economy.
Our main goal is to help people find hope and the joy of life in spite of prevailing unfortunate circumstances. To come to a place where they can view themselves as warriors and survivors as opposed to victims. We do this by sharing the love of Christ, the hope of glory and facilitating skills training/development and education.
Using their God-given creativity to make beautiful functional artwork, jewelry, and retail products give them a sense of community, purpose and financial independence.

Empowering Women
Our mission is to empower women to use their God-given abilities to gain financial independence to look after their families. We partner with trade schools as well as independent contractors to train women to make fabric artwork/prints, jewelry, and other crafts. With these skills, they can start small businesses and sell products to provide for their families. They can also become independent contractors who return to help train new women entering our programs.

Sponsoring Children
Citylight Foundation sponsors childhood education from primary to higher education. We partner with schools for enrollment and facilitate school fees payments and supplies. Financial donations help our mission to empower children to reach their academic potential and grow up to become educated individuals, positively contributing to their communities.