June 3 brought a real-life blindside when I was diagnosed with cancer…again. This is going to take some grit.


My Story – A Feature By People Magazine

My Story – A Feature By People Magazine

By Sunday Burquest and Steve Helling August 06, 2020 10:48 AM Survivor can mimic real life situations, and in my case is true. As a contestant, I was blindsided by the game. But June 3 brought a real-life blindside when I was diagnosed with cancer. To...

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Sunday Burquest:

Motivational Speaker for Churches, Corporate or Non-Profit Settings

Grit Girl, Sunday Burquest; Motivational Speaker for Churches, Corporate or Non-Profit Settings
As a breast cancer survivor, and a contestant on the reality TV show Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-x, Sunday Burquest knows how to survive. Through her engaging presentation, Sunday provides strategic keys to not only survive setbacks but to thrive as a result of them. She shares her story with raw emotion, laughter, and heartfelt tears. Sunday knows first hand that a major life setback can either destroy you or be the spark that pushes you from surviving to thriving.  If you are facing a setback, Sunday’s journey will motivate you to experience your own comeback. 

“Your setback is a set-up for a comeback!”

Speaker & Author

Sunday is a wife of over 25 years, has four millennial children, served in full-time ministry for over 25 years, including 15 years working with both students and women. Like most women,  she often felt underappreciated and underestimated, believing the lie that she wasn’t enough, pretty enough or strong enough. But no more! After facing her toughest moments, Sunday discovered her grit and she’s passionate about empowering other women to come out of the shadows, make a change and realize they’ve got grit too.

In Sunday’s newest book, “Grit Girl Power to Survive Inspired by Grace” she takes a heartfelt look at her journey to discovering her grit. Her down-to-earth approach draws the reader in as she shares her story with vulnerability and a little bit of humor.

Survivor Squared

The title of an article in Sunday’s local paper read “Survivor Squared” and perfectly sums up what makes her a grit girl. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2012. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bout with depression she discovered she was much stronger than she imagined, she discovered her grit.  After beating breast cancer Sunday decided to follow her dream by submitting an audition video online and was chosen to compete on the 33rd season of the Emmy award-winning reality tv show Survivor Millennials vs Gen-x. Sunday is the ultimate example of a grit girl.

Sunday Burquest is a breast cancer survivor, a competitor on the reality TV show Survivor and a woman that went without a bathroom for 35 days, she is the ultimate grit girl. Sunday empowers women to discover what it means for them to be a grit girl too,  a woman who’s got GUTS is RESILIENT, INFLUENTIAL and TOUGH.

She provides practical tools for women to make a mental shift from being the woman who feels she is in the back seat of life to the one who is a driving force for good, taking a deep dive into what it means to be a Grit Girl.

A G.R.I.T. Girl:

  • has GUTS to bravely face her fears.
  • is RESILIENT and refuses to give up.
  • is INFLUENTIAL and inspires others.
  • is TOUGH

Setbacks are nothing new to Sunday. From losing both her father and father-in-law to cancer to the near-death experience of her husband, she’s learned to survive. A breast cancer survivor who became a contestant on Survivor, Sunday shares how she got through her darkest moments including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and even depression.

Using her personal experiences, Sunday takes you through her journey sharing the keys she utilized to survive her setbacks. Exploring these concepts in a relatable and authentic way, she leaves you both laughing and crying.

  • Your setback is only one scene in your story.
  • Your setback is a mindset.
  • Your setback is a setup for your comeback.

Your setback is only one scene in your story, it’s not your entire story.




If you are a working professional there’s no doubt you’ve experienced a clash with someone considered to be of a different generation.  Have you ever rolled your eyes when a stereotypical millennial mentions their third-grade participation trophy?  Shaken your head when a person considered gen-x in age starts a sentence with, “when I was your age”?  Most of us can probably relate.  While navigating generational differences can be difficult at times, changing mindsets from ‘us versus them’ to ‘us and them’ is key to creating a cohesive work environment. Sunday utilizes three basic communication methods:

  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Lean

Using real-life scenarios from her time on Survivor, Sunday provides examples (including video footage from the show) that clearly demonstrate the differences in generations and how to apply the listen, learn and lean approach.