Grit Girl | Power to Survive, Inspired by Grace


“Do you understand what I am telling you honey? You have breast cancer.”

The words just hung in the air, somewhere between her phone and mine: You have breast cancer.
It was like a punch in the gut.
April 11, 2012 was the day I choose to become a Grit Girl.
The foundation of my story includes my trust in Jesus. He was the the constant that made me strong and it was His grace that gave me the ability to do what I could not do on my own. He provided the inner strength I needed, it was grit. He’s responsible for the transformation in me, taking grit and making it beautiful. He’s waiting to do the same for you! You are dependent on grace, defined by resilience, destined to be inspiring and you are one tough cookie. You’ve got grit, you are a Grit Girl!


In Sunday’s book, she takes the reader on a journey through her toughest challenges. There is something every woman can relate to. This book is so much more than just Sunday’s story, it’s a path to discovering grit and learning to lean on Jesus in the process.

Sunday’s authentic approach will draw you in as you realize that Grit isn’t just for her, it’s for you too.

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