Renowned Survivor Contestant and breast cancer Survivor Sunday Burquest delivers a powerful message of hope and transformation with her unique style of speaking. Audience members trapped by their setbacks, are empowered with the tools to shift to a positive mindset and their newfound confidence will position them for success, spiritually, personally and professionally.Sunday’s quirky personality and authenticity never fails to connect to audiences having them both laughing and crying but most importantly knowing they possess the inner strength to achieve their dreams. Sunday goal is to meet your needs. She has more than happy to work within the topic, theme or messaging for your specific event.
Consider booking Sunday for: women’s events, conferences or retreats, congregational services, pre & post secondary campus presentations, corporate or non-profit events. Sunday is comfortable speaking in both the private and public sector and will always provide the appropriate presentation for your audience.


Below are just a few of the topics Sunday is passionate about sharing on.

Survivor Strong

Sunday uses her story to lead audiences on a journey to discovering their strength and ability to survive life’s biggest challenges.

Grit | Girl

Sunday’s experiences lead her to discover her inner strength – her grit. She is passionate about women of all ages. The Grit Girl message presents Biblical truths that empower, encourage, embrace, and equip women to use their voice to influence and serve others.

Millennials | Gen X

Sunday’s expertise acquired over years of working with millennials were proven successful on the island of Fiji. She now uses these skills to provide a unique perspective to navigating successful relationships with the younger generation.

I Am Grit Girl Events

A note from Sunday: I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing women compete, compare and criticize each other. Like you, I want to be involved with a community of women who are willing to share their authentic lives and even failures, knowing the best way to experience true friendship is when we can let our guards down and allow others in.

I AM Grit Girl events are about empowering women of all ages with a clear understanding of God’s strength working within them. When a woman truly knows her identity in Christ and is convinced of Gods purpose for her life, she will pursue her dreams with confidence, influence her community and use her voice to reach others with God’s love – she is a GRIT GIRL.

“Empowered women, empower women.”

Sunday Burquest did an outstanding job speaking at our Sisterhood event. Her experience as a cast member on the reality TV show Survivor was a draw for new guests as well as regular attenders. With over 700 women in attendance, Sunday demonstrated an ability to speak to a broad audience. She delivered with confidence. Her message was relevant to women from all walks of life. I would definitely recommend Sunday for women’s ministry.

Jodi Ruch

Pastor, Emmanuel Christian Center

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