On Campus

For Sororities and Small Groups

Grit Girl Exists To…

Empower, Equip, Encourage, and Embrace young women to  discover all God has called them to be. One avenue in which Grit Girl does this is by providing authentic, relatable campus Bible Studies to:


  • Provide students with tools to grow in their faith.
  • Empower students to facilitate faith-based small groups on their campuses.
  • Provide an opportunity to build a community of women supporting each other in their faith.


Shine is a 6-week mini Bible series from Grit Girl for young women on campus. This study delivers an authentic and applicable path to discovering true identity and purpose leaving students inspired to follow their God-given passion with confidence.

Grit Girl On Campus Provides

6-Week Bible Studies

Bible Study: Shine – A deep dive into discovering identity and purpose by focusing on 5 characteristics of a girl who shines: selfless, humble, independent, noticeable, and empowered.


Campus Grit Girl leaders will receive individualized support in the form of phone calls, e-mails, or local meet-ups.


Students will be invited to a closed facebook group in order to connect with other students in Grit Girl Bible Studies on campuses across the country.


Prayer is a key component for Grit Girls, both for leaders and students in order to grow close to God and each other.

Campus Tools

Journals, Laptop Stickers Downloadable Resources, T-shirts etc.

Become A Campus Rep!

Elise Moore
Grit Girl Campus Rep

Hey! My name is Elise Moore and I am a rising sophomore at Johns Hopkins University. I am pursuing a degree in Biology with the intent of becoming a pharmacist. I play basketball for the Johns Hopkins Women’s Basketball team and am involved in a couple of outreach clubs in the community along with an athlete and Phi Mu Fraternity bible study. I am the College Representative for Grit Girl on Campus because I believe that there should be a simple and accessible program created by powerful women for women that forms a network of encouragement and growth.

Upcoming Events

August 8, 2018 

Grit Girl On Campus • Maranatha Christian Academy

Join us for our very first Grit Girl on Campus Event on Wednesday, August 15 from 10am – 3pm at Maranatha Christian Academy. We would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves and the purpose of Grit Girl on Campus. Not only will you have fun and plenty of food, but we will be videotaping our first Bible Study, Shine, in 6, 15-minute segments while in an interactive and comfortable environment. Most important, we’d love to get your feedback and input because this is for YOU! Check out our FB page, Grit Girl on Campus to keep in the loop on everything we have planned!

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