Now through July 15th, 2020 all proceeds from the sale of the "I Survived _________." t-shirts will be going towards my fundraising efforts as a second-time player in Minnesota's Survivor challenge Live to Give. The beauty of this event is that players have the opportunity, through a hard fought 4-day survivor-style game in the woods, to raise money for their charity of choice. I will be playing for the Pay it Foward Fund.

Live to Give MN

Four years before I was a castaway on the reality TV series SURVIVOR Millennials vs Gen-x, I became a breast cancer survivor. As a beneficiary of the Pay it Forward Fund I know from first-hand expeience how much it meant to our family to be given emergency funding through this amazing non-profit.

If you'd like to donate towards my fundraising efforts for Live to Give benefiting the Pay iit Foward fund, simply choose the quantity of $1 donations you'd like. If you'd like to donate $25 choose 25 items!